Midland Centre for Neurosurgery & Neurology

The first two articles in this series dealt with the two most prominent people in the history of our charity. This submission concerns a place, the Midland Centre for Neurosurgery & Neurology. Sadly now closed down, demolished and replaced with a modern housing estate, it was the place where Ann Conroy first met Bernard Williams and where Bernard carried out most of his pioneering work in the treatment of Syringomyelia. Some readers will have been patients in MCNN and those of us who worked there have many memories, some happy and some sad. We all made friends when working at Smethwick. We all learnt a great deal. Nobody will have forgotten their time there, be they a patient or member of staff.

By good fortune a former member of staff at MCNN, Mary Lee, a sister in the theatres there, is a member of the of the Smethwick History Society. Last year Mary published an article about the Midland Centre in her society's newsletter. She has now, very kindly, given us permission to reproduce this in our newsletter, with just a few minor modifications by me.

Graham Flint FRCS