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British Syringomyelia Chiari Group


  1. The name of this group is "The British Syringomyelia Chiari Group”, hereafter referred to as the Group.
  2. The Group's aim is to promote the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge and understanding about syringomyelia and its related conditions.
  3. The Group is affiliated to the Ann Conroy Trust CIO, UK Registered Charity No 1165808, hereafter referred to as the Charity. The Charity is an organisation that provides support for the families and victims of syringomyelia and related disorders. The Charity achieves this in part by supporting educational and research projects. To further this aim the Charity provides financial and organisational backing for the British Syringomyelia Chiari Group.
  4. The Group holds regular meetings which provide a forum for its members to present anonymous clinical cases for discussion, with the prior agreement of each patient. These meetings also give an opportunity for members to present the results of research projects.  Other activities of the Group, conducted in conjunction with the Charity, are also discussed at these meetings.  The time and venue of meetings are determined by the Group and publicised by the Charity, normally at least six months in advance.
  5. Clinical discussions of the group are recorded as “Case Records of the British Syringomyelia Chiari Group”. These are kept as numbered records, identified otherwise only by patient initials (when recorded) and the name of the presenter. Copies are sent to those attending each meeting and the collected records are available, from the Charity, for consultation by individual members of the Group.   Relevant conclusions are conveyed to individual patients.
  6. Members of the Group are encouraged to attend at least one meeting every two years and to present at least one clinical case for discussion, or to offer an equivalent contribution to the meeting. Certificates of attendance are issued.
  7. The group holds business meetings, following on from its clinical meetings, under a chairman and with a formal agenda. A quorum consists of at least four members of the group and one trustee of the Charity. Minutes are kept.
  8. The Group holds other meetings with the Charity, as required, to plan other joint activities.
  9. Membership of the Group is offered to any medical or veterinary health professional, or research scientist, who has an interest in furthering the understanding and management of syringomyelia and related conditions. Applications for membership shall not be refused on the grounds of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or political views.
  10. There is no annual fee for membership but members of the Group are expected to fund their attendance at its meetings. This includes travel and accommodation costs and making a contribution to the running costs of each meeting.
  11. The Group does not have a formal committee structure, relying instead upon the Charity to organise its meetings, events, publications and data collection.
  12. All members shall have full rights of discussion at Group meetings and full voting rights in the event of any matters being put to a vote.
  13. The Group may expel any member for behaviour likely to bring the Group or the Charity into disrepute.
  14. Amendments to this constitution may be proposed by any two members of the Group, and must be submitted to the chairman of the Charity in writing. The constitution may only be amended at a regular Group meeting or at a meeting specially called for the purpose. No vote on a constitution amendment shall be valid unless at least one quarter of the Group's membership is present at the meeting and the vote is carried out in the presence of at least two trustees of the Charity.
  15. The Group is recognised by and affiliated to the Society of British Neurological surgeons.
  16. Enquiries about the activities of the Group should be addressed to the Charity:  info@annconroytrust.org 

Ann Conroy Trust CIO

registered in England number 1165808